About Me

 Rukiya "Coffee" Swan

Cell ph: 608-577-6198

Hometown: Madison, WI



What inspires me?


 People Inspire me. I know the struggle is real.  That is why I surround myself around people who are determined to preserver despite the burdens of institutional inequities. I have always had passion for engaging and assisting people of color, the disenfrancised, and women.  Because all of which I am-It is through volunterism and the production of various social events, I enjoy creating pathways to a inclusive life for not only myself but others. 


If I can help others develop their personal and professional power, I would consider it a job well done. I am always available for those who want to tap my knowledge in the transit industry, or my politics. I strive to give a hand up, so people can keep their heads up.




So whats up, with that name?


People often ask me how did I get my nick name "Coffee"? As the story goes when my mother was pregnant with me she ate a lot of McDonald’s Big Mac’s and drank a lot of coffee. According to family elders, my nick name was pre-determined well before I was born. If I was born a boy, my nick name would have been Big Mac. Being a girl you can imagine my gratitude because I was nick named, Coffee. "Coffee" ended up being a perfect fit for my dark complexion and my African American ethnicity.


My legal first name is Rukiya, my aunt Theresa named me that. Theresa being college educated and well-traveled knew the importance of a good name choice.   Right away, I was educated about my name. My aunt would ask “Rukiya, what does your name mean?” I would recite with great pride, what I had been taught: “Rukiya is Swahili and it means she rises on high!” It always amused me to see a person’s eyes get big with excitement and almost instantly the fortune telling began. Immediately they would predict my future; “You are going to be a very successful person or how smart you are!” The history and definition of my legal name Rukiya and characteristics of my nick name “Coffee” have played a positive role in shaping my identity and self-esteem.


One another note; I love to write, hang out with friends and most of all be of service. I am always looking to make life better, not only for myself but for others. My favorite place to volunteer is the Luke House. I often say, being at the Luke house is like church for your physical spirit. You can call me by my government name Rukiya Swan or my aliases Ms.Hollaback, HollabackCoffee or just Coffee. So Hollllaaaa at ya' girl when you see me out, and remember to smile for the camera.



Last book read: Undesputed Truth, by Mike Tyson.

Hobbies: Painting, Crafting and Dancing

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