Diary 2018

Jan. 19, 2018


I welcome the New Year! On the real. I am happy to get the opportunity to just try again.  I really feel like I need a Do-Over from 2017!  I havent told anyone in my circle but tomorrow I start school for becoming a Nail Tech.  I am pretty excited, and looking forward to the challenge.  I am trying to create a career that is more inline with the artist side of me.  I have to get more organized in 2018, so I can hit all my targets.  Till next time! 




Nov. 2018


In May I became a Wisconsin Lic. Nail Tech.  It was a lot of work but worth it.  I finally found a career that has a great mix of art, people and culture. I really do enjoy the work I do.  I also like putting together fashion and jewelry to sell in my boutique, Hollaback Nails.  Sometimes I make more money on the fashion than I do nails.  However, either way I am living my best life!

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