Because I still want to share my experiences with you, here are my social media favorites and my online diary.


October 3, 2017

I am in this wonderful space in my life.  In many ways I am finally free. My freedom is that I can finally make decisions that are soley based on my own well being.  My kid is grown. My beautiful mom has passed, R.I.P Momz. These are/were my most imporant relationships.  However, in the past they were heavy in financial dependency.  Now I only worry about paying my own bills. Moreover, my response to my bills was to downsize.  Smaller apartment, no cable and paying down debt. I am still loving on my daughter, but from a distance so she breath and spread her wings.  As for my mom, I rely on all the skills she taught and I do believe she is still with me in spirit. 


May 2017 I earned a Bachelors Degree I had been working on since 2013. I must admit that felt like a burden was lifted. Yeah, I will have the baggage of student loans but I can say I got that paper! I also have decided to explore my professional options. After 20 years in transit, I think I will always love it but I am looking for more.  Last but not least, I am dating again and the hurdles of #DatingAfter40 have been hilarious.  

In 2017 we will have to say goodbye to our beloved President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. I will be the first to admit that I am happy to see 2016 in my past.  It just felt like an emotionally taxing year.  I will admit the Presidential politics but a uneccessary burden on my life. Navigating conversations at the water bubbler about Trump, race relations and the basics of surving sometimes was mind boggling.


I hope this year I have more time to do the things I like to do.   I have decided this year my personal motto is to be my best self. For me being my best self, includes taking better care of myself physically, mentally and financially.   Other area's of my life I will have to just walk out in faith.  My gut tells me in 2017 people need to be smart and be cautious.  I know it this is not the most cheerful message to leave you with but this is a diary post. Yeah? yeah. Take Care.


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