African Americans in Transit: Beyond Rosa Parks

"I am not being understated when I say this could (and should) be an academic presentation in any school.  If you have not had a chance to hear Rukiya present this program I urge you to check it out."


P. Lauten

Deputy City Attorney

City of Madison


"I thought your presentation was amazing."-

R. Callaway, Madison Metro Transit Supervisor


As a 18 year veteran in the transit industry, I have accumulated many good stories.  

However, the story I like to tell the most is not my own.  It is the stories of African American inventors and transit integration pioneers. My mini lecture, African Americans In Transit: Beyond Rosa Parks will take you on a historical journey of the lesser known facts from the 1800’s to the present.

I am happy to bring this 1 hour presentation to your organization.

Inquires,Please use my contact form.

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